Introducing London Midland Labs Cohort 1

After a fantastic response to the London Midland Labs call for applications, London Midland welcomes the inaugural 10 innovative businesses onto the first accelerator programme.

The London Midland selection panel were incredibly impressed with the calibre of applications and quality of the businesses that they met. The initial cohort of 10 businesses all demonstrated:

  • Innovative solutions which have the potential to transform the rail and travel industries.

  • Commercial acumen and likelihood to succeed

  • Technical expertise

  • Understanding of the challenges and opportunities for London Midland

Who are Cohort 1?


A technology solution capable of detecting a wide range of sounds which can then be pushed as easily understood sensory and visual notifications through smart devices.

Braci aim to develop a product for commuters with the aid of London Midland by conducting use case scenarios on trains and stations and then refining the application to meet the needs.


Using machine learning, neural networks and other forms of AI to create bespoke city plans and routes for locals to a city. KOMPAS saves you time, by presenting tailored suggestions, relevant reviews and a hassle-free way of getting from A to B whilst exploring our city.

They would like to build links with Birmingham to allow them to expand more easily than we otherwise would have been able to, to build relationships with potential partners including, London Midland and finally, the opportunity to find potential investors.


A way of facilitating commuters queries to transportation services nearby through a messaging platform with integrated machine learning.

Founder Ciaran is keen to leverage London Midland data & support to speed up his progress and run initial testing on the concept. He has been looking at different accelerators as he is a first time founder and would value being part of a supportive community.

Warwick Analytics

Warwick Analytics produces automated predictive analytics software even with heterogeneous data. Predictions that would normally take months of skilled manual data scientist work in data preparation can take minutes.

They have experience of applying our technology in the transportation industry both rail and airlines. They are looking for focused assistance, the chance to prove their value and refine the product for London Midland showing how it can be used to enhance passenger experience, increase sales and also prioritise/reduce engineering costs.

Limitless Travel

Amazing holidays travel for any body with any disability, and for any body that just wants a really great holiday.

They currently focus on the coach industry, but are looking to pivot into rail and improve accessibility in rail.

Rail Repay

Rail Repay Solutions is a compensation platform built specifically for consumers and the rail industry to improve the consumer experience and enable more efficient and accurate processing of valid delay or cancellation compensation claims.

George the founder wants to really understand the internal hurdles TOCs face in this area & adapt his product accordingly, and test the feasibility of his business model.

Q Shy

Innovative software-only interface for measuring and managing pedestrian traffic using device and system data, and complex algorithms.

They have mainly focused their product on the airline industry, so they are interested in validating it in Rail as well.

Pop Work

Pop work offer an app driven network of architecturally designed pop-up pods offering on demand meeting and touchdown space. Our technology allows users to locate, book and open the pods from their smartphone or computer.

They are looking to explore partnerships with train operating companies to offer access to pods for business travellers. Potential access to 150 train stations which would allow PopWork to build a network of pods in truly convenient locations and the opportunity to do live real time pilots.



TouchByte is shaping the future of business applications using Face Recognition. By capturing a face we help companies improve their knowledge and the security of their visiting customers.

They have recently built a prototype of their product specifically for the rail industry (in collaboration with the Transport Catapult), so are looking for the opportunity to run a live trial of this with London Midland.


Transreport is a smart app that allows you, the passenger, to send reports containing photos, videos, and comments of issues affecting your journey experience and environment. This could range from a train being too hot or cold, or that the toilets are not working, essentially anything you feel is not satisfactory. The key thing is that you do not have to tell us which train you are on; the app will work that out for you.

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