Testing, Testing.

Digital startups can sometimes be more focused on getting MVPs as quickly as possible; while that’s a great principle to work from, your users might argue that this shouldn’t come at the expense of the basic functioning of the product.

Enter – a thorough testing process! We’re thrilled that our home Innovation Birmingham boasts a state of the art testing lab that LM Labs participants can use for free.

Incorporating £10,000 of devices and software, it includes a variety of smartphone and tablets from popular manufacturers. The Test Lab also includes a digital graphics pad, camcorder, directional microphone, WXGA projector, licensed load impact software for performance testing and licensed browser stack software for further compatibility testing.

Applications are still open for our upcoming startup acceleration/collaboration programme – if your startup is looking to improve the rail passenger experience, then we’d love to hear from you. Click here to get in touch.




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