Why apply for our Accelerator?

If you’re a startup reading this, chances are you already know what an accelerator or incubator is, and what the benefits are.

Having firmly established themselves as a key part of the UK’s startup ecosystem for over ten years now, accelerator programmes are a way for fledgling companies (usually tech-based, although the concept has spilled out into other areas) to validate their idea, gain customers and raise investment in comparatively short space of time.

Much like a ‘bootcamp’ for startups, participants are put through a structured schedule of sessions designed to give them all the knowledge and tools they need to succeed; legal advice, introductions to investors, mentoring from more experienced entrepreneurs, office space with like-minded people to share information with, and so on.

Numbers vary a lot, but there are potentially over 600 initiatives like this operating in the UK at the moment. You might ask; why do we need another one?

Corporate accelerators make up a proportion of this number – so rather than independent programmes (usually funded by angel investors/VC funds), these are programmes backed by a certain company. The huge advantage for startups here is that there’s an opportunity to learn from and potentially collaborate with a leader in your industry, and get access to senior decision-makers (buyers) in a way you just couldn’t otherwise.

This is exactly what we hope to bring to the table with the London Midland Labs Accelerator. Startups and corporate have a lot to learn from each other, and we want to facilitate this in the Rail industry.

Here’s a rundown of the benefits you can expect to receive as part of the London Midland Labs Accelerator:

  • 6 months of free office space at Birmingham’s Serendip Smart City Incubator.
  • A programme of mentoring & educational sessions designed to move your startup further along.
  • Free rail pass for 6 months on the London Midland network, which includes travel to London, Liverpool and Birmingham.
  • Access to a state of the art device Testing Lab.
  • Over £1m worth of benefits via the F6S Alpha Card.
  • Use of our Prototyping area – all you need to develop working prototypes, including Laptops, 3D printers, DIY kits and so on.
  • Microsoft Power BI – business analytics tools to analyse data and share insights.
  • Opportunity to win one of two £5,000 cash prizes
  • Access to London Midland’s 173 trains and data
  • Access to 150 train stations including station data
  • Access to London Midland depots
  • Opportunity to do live real time pilots
  • Technical & Business mentorship with access to London Midland Board Directors; Product Management, Branding, Marketing, Legal and PR support
  • Product and Customer Validation & Introductions into other train and bus companies operated by the Go-Ahead Group
  • Insight into the Procurement Process at London Midland.


If you’re a startup working in the intelligent mobility space and could benefit from working alongside London Midland, then we’d love to hear from you!

Get in touch at apply@londonmidlandlabs.com or apply here.

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